Fee Structure

Fee Schedule – effective 01/01/2023

Single Family Residential URAR Form (1004)                                  $500.00


Single Family Residential 2055 Form Interior (Old Form)                $500.00


FHA                                                                                                 $500.00


URAR With REO Addendum                                                            $500.00

Single Family Home 2055 Form (Exterior Only)                               $475.00

With REO Addendum                                                                        $475.00


Field Review (exterior only inspection)                                              $475.00

Extra comps for Field Reviews                                                           $ 25.00

Land Appraisal                                                                                 $350.00

Construction Appraisal                                                                      $500.00

Draw Inspections & Completion Cert                                                 $125.00

Desk Review Form 2006 (without additional Comps)                         $375.00


URAR Appraisal Desk Review Form UA2 (No Comps)                      $375.00


Completion Cert when not part of original Scope of Work/1004D     $125.00


Miscellaneous Trip fees when not part of original Scope of work      $125.00


Counties covered:

Lycoming Clinton
Union Northumberland
Columbia Montour
Sullivan Snyder
Potter Tioga

Note: this is not a fee increase over our 2022 fees. We strive to remain competitively priced.


100% of business is appraisals only

Turn-around time is usually 4 business days from inspection due to the requirement for real time comp photos.


Phone (570) 220-7047